• What is complex care?

    Staffed 24 hours a day by a professional contingent of care professionals, including RN’s, LPN’s, RCA’s, Dieticians, Recreation Therapists, and other related professionals, Complex care is able to provide comprehensive care services in a single setting.

    People who are assessed as requiring complex care must fit certain requirements in order to be eligible. The case manager can explain these requirements. People who do not qualify for complex care, may qualify for assisted living.

  • Elligibility for Funded Complex Care?

    To be eligible for publicly subsidized residential care you must:

    • Have a health care need that requires 24-hour residential care
    • Be over 19 years of age
    • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident meeting BC’s residency requirements
    • Agree to the assessment process including the release of financial information
    • Have tried all of the avenues available for receiving care at home
  • What services are provided?
    • 24-hour skilled nursing care
    • Personal care assistance and support
    • Safe and secure living environment
    • Nutritious meals
    • Basic linen and personal laundry services
    • Recreational activity programs
  • How can my loved one live at Suncreek?

    All resident referrals are made through the Fraser Health Authority. Eligibility is determined through the health authority Case Manager. Please contact your Case Manager to discuss your needs.

    If you have not been assessed by the Fraser Health Authority and do not have a Case Manager, please contact Central Intake at 604-953-4965

  • How much does it cost to live at Suncreek?

    Living at Suncreek Village is affordable.  The direct cost that residents pay will vary as Suncreek is a subsidized Complex Care residence. Based on a financial assessment, your rent may be subsidized through Fraser Health . Additional services are available at a cost.  You can discuss your assessed rate with your case manager.

    While Fraser Health pays for health care provided in publicly subsidized residential care facilities, residents contribute towards the daily costs of food and accommodation.

  • What costs are not covered by Fraser Health?
    • Telephone, television cable or internet charges
    • Personal choice hygiene and grooming products
    • Medications not covered by PharmaCare’s Plan B
    • Personal needs such as dry cleaning, labeling, clothing repairs or alterations, newspapers and magazines
    • Hair cuts, special outings or social events or special therapies such as music or art therapy
    • Health equipment (such as special wheel-chairs and walkers) and health supplies (such as complex wound care dressings) not covered by extended health benefits or Veterans Affairs Canada
    • Health services not covered by extended health benefits such as ambulance service, optometry, podiatry, physiotherapy, massage therapy and basic dental care
    • Security items such as identification bracelets
    • Personal insurance for lost or damaged personal items such as hearing aids, dentures, glasses
    • Physician charges for completion of medical forms
  • What is the smoking policy?

    Smoking is not permitted on the property.